Va, pensiero – Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves from Giuseppe Verdi’s Opera Nabucco

«Va pensiero» at the Lviv Opera
«Va pensiero» at the Lviv Opera

The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves or “Va pensiero”, is a highlight when attending a performance of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera – Nabucco.

The opera Nabucco is based on historical events in the 6th century BC, when after a three year siege, the city of Jerusalem was conquered and destroyed. At the time, the Judahs lived in Jerusalem. All of them were taken captive and exiled into Babylon.

According to oral and written traditions, the people of Judah believed their exile into Babylon was a punishment by Jehovah for the sin of worshippping other deities. Only after repenting, were the Judahs allowed to return to Jerusalem.

Central in this saga of lost freedom, repentence and renewal of faith in G. Verdi’s opera Nabucco is the opera chorus “Va pensiero”- the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves.

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