Giuseppe Verdi and Italian Opera

It is impossible to read, write or speak about Italian opera and not mention Verdi. Guiseppe Verdi music and opera are intertwined. During his lifetime, Verdi composed 28 operas. Click for a list of Verdi operas.

One of the most popular is Nabucco opera di Verdi (“di Verdi” is Italian for “by Verdi”) and it’s famous Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves – «Va, pensiero». In-concert opera performances around the world often include several famous arias, choruses or orchestral pieces from Aida opera and Nabucco opera.

Certainly, the popularity of Verdi opera should not be confused with a pleasant and memorable Cape Verdi holiday. The composer Verdi and holidays Cape Verdi are two completely unrelated entities – although organizors of Cape Verdi holidays might consider exploiting Verdi’s popularity.


Famous Verdi Opera Choruses

Verdi Opera Choruses
Verdi Opera Choruses

Giuseppe Verdi was instrumental in creating a separate character in opera. As an opera composer, Verdi created a unique identity as expressed by the opera chorus.

Today, Verdi’s famous opera choruses are part of popular culture:

  • Va, pensiero” (Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves) from the opera Nabucco
  • “The Anvil Chorus” from the opera Il trovatore
  • “La donna e mobile” from the opera Rigoletto
  • Coro d’introduzione” from the opera Ernani
  • “The Drinking Song” from the opera La traviata.

Click above to listen to opera music online while discovering more about these Verdi opera choruses.


Crosswords Exploit Verdi Opera Works

Verdi Opera Works
Verdi Opera Works

Crossword clues about Verdi opera have been around since crosswords were first invented. If interested, click on each question below for a quick answer.


Verdi Opera and The Art of Conducting

Is there an art to conducting Verdi opera?

Myron Yusypovych addressed this issue in one of his blogs:

In terms of the actual arm gestures, neither La traviata, nor any other opera by G. Verdi, including Aida, Otello or Falstaff, compare with the demands of Histoire du soldat (The Soldier’s Tale) or The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky…

Nevertheless, the quantity of energy expended by the conductor and musicians in order to perform an overly saturated and complex musical score is not the issue. The important issue is the artistic outcome and the effect it has on the audience. It is the audience that has to become convinced…. from a blog entry by Myron Yusypovych on April 29, 2010 Continue reading


A List of Verdi Opera

Verdi Opera Festival List
Verdi Opera Festival List

A list of Verdi opera is readily available. After all, Giuseppe Verdi has been extremely well researched. And, with the 200th anniversary of his birth celebrated in 2013, many events, conferences, music festivals and conferences were dedicated to popularizing the great Italian composer.

The following list of Verdi operas is given in the order in which they were premiered:

  • 1839 – Oberto, Conte di San Bonifacio premiered on November 17
  • 1840 – Un giomo di regno premiered on September 5
  • 1842 – Nabucco premiered on March 9
  • 1843 – I Lombardi alla prima crociata premiered on February 11
  • 1844 – Ernani premiered on March 9
  • 1844 – I due Foscari premiered on November 3
  • 1845 – Giovanna d’arco premiered on February 15
  • 1845 – Alzira premiered on August 12
  • 1845 – Attila premiered on August 12
  • 1847 – Macbeth premiered on March 14
  • 1847 – I masnadieri premiered on July 22
  • 1847 – Jerusalem premiered in November
  • 1848 – Il corsaro premiered on October 25
  • 1849 – La battaglia di Legnano premiered on January 27
  • 1849 – Luisa Miller premiered on January 27
  • 1849 – Stiffelio premiered on December 8
  • 1851 – Rigoletto premiered on March 11
  • 1853 – Il trovatore premiered on January 19
  • 1853 – La traviata premiered on March 6
  • 1855 – Les vêpres siciliennes premiered on June 13
  • 1857 – Simon Boccanegra premiered on March 12
  • 1857 – Aroldo premiered on August 16
  • 1859 – Un ballo in maschera premiered on February 17
  • 1862 – La forza del destino premiered on November 10
  • 1867 – Don Carlos premiered on March 11
  • 1871 – Aida premiered on December 24
  • 1887 – Otello premiered on February 5
  • 1893 – Falstaff premiered on February 9.

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