Carmen – the Opera by Georges Bizet

French composer Georges Bizet (1838-1875) is most famous for his opera Carmen. Probably, every opera house in the world has, at one time or another, staged a production of the Carmen opera.

Carmen music and, in particular, Carmen opera songs are familiar to opera audiences all around the world. Often, people want to read the Carmen opera lyrics while listening to recordings of opera music.

Carmen tickets can be purchased online. As with all opera, it is best to know the Carmen opera summary (or, Carmen opera synopsis, as it is often called), which is just a fancy word for the Carmen opera plot – before attending a performance.


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  1. Who? What? Where? Why? and How? in Carmen the Opera
  2. Popular and Famous Carmen Opera Songs
  3. Buying Carmen Opera Tickets
  4. The Carmen Story – A Short Version

Who? What? Where? Why? and How? in Carmen, the Opera by Bizet

Who are the main and secondary characters in Carmen, the opera? What are the main conflicts and themes in Carmen? Where does the opera Carmen take place?

Is it true that the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet (1838-1875) is one of the most widely performed operas in the world? And yet, there are claims circulated that, in the past, it wasn’t at all successful. How so? And, if so, why is it so profitable today?

Carmen by Georges Bizet (1838-1875)
Carmen by Georges Bizet (1838-1875)


What Are the Names of Famous Carmen Opera Songs?

The opera songs from Carmen are part of popular cultures. After all,

  • The Gypsy Song
  • The Toreador Song
  • The Habanera
  • The Flower Song
  • Michaela’s Area

are what many audiences look forward to the most when attending a live performance of the Bizet opera Carmen.

Carmen’s Gypsy Opera Song
Carmen’s Gypsy Opera Song


Buying Carmen Opera Tickets

Buying Carmen opera tickets can be a challenge. Ironically, this is true even though the Bizet opera is performed so frequently in so many different parts of the world.

It may happen that you have just heard of a unique performance, read a glowing or highly critical review, made the decision to attend… only to discover that the actual performance was last year (or more), or is thousands of kilometers or miles away from your home.

Yes, you can watch an online feed of the live performance. You can even watch it on a large screen. Certainly, your view will be better than any seat in any opera house in the world. But, opera lovers all over the world know and appreciate that nothing compares with a live opera performance. Should you find yourself in a city that is staging a live performance of Carmen, we can offer some advice on choosing the best seats.

Ah, yes! As you learn all about opera seats, you can listen to a live audio recording of the Introduction to the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet.

Opera House Seats
Opera House Seats


The Opera Carmen Story, Synopsis, Summary, Plot…

Carmen, a young girl, works at a cigarette factory. In her free time, Carmen seduces men. She causes a jealous fight, is arrested and entices the attending dragoon soldier guard to release her, which, in turn, gets the guard arrested.

Carmen is involved with soldiers, smugglers and toreador bull fighters – playing one against the other. In the end, Carmen dies at the hands of the jealous dragoon soldier she initially mistreated. Tragically, the soldier fell in love with Carmen during their initial encounter at the beginning of the opera, only to be discarded for a flamboyant toreador.

Text by: Oksana A. Wynnyckyj-Yusypovych


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