What Kind of
Opera Performance or Classical Music Concert
Do You Like to Attend?

Probably the kind

  • where the music makes you feel like you’re in another world

  • where the lights and onstage decorations add to the sounds you are hearing

  • where the costumes sparkle and dance beneath the lights.

Opera and classical music is not for snobs. Neither is it just for the chic. It is for everyone!

Good classical music allows us to experience the spritual world, while never leaving Earth.

Why this website about opera and classical music?

Too many people today feel, that they don’t understand opera and classical music.

So even, when they get up the nerve to attend an performance, they often feel uncomfortable. To them,

  • the arias sung by the female and male opera singers sound long and boring

  • the non-English words are incomprehensible

  • there is usually very little action on stage.

But, the beauty of classical music is that

the more often you hear it, the better it sounds

the more you know it, the more you enjoy it.

Spontaneity and the unexpected are not the reasons most of us attend classical music concerts and opera performances. On the contrary, the more we know what to expect, the more we will enjoy the opera or concert.

Who created this website about classical music and opera?

Myron Yusypovych is a Ukrainian musical conductor, who regularly conducts classical music concerts and opera performances.

He has a repertoire of 50 performed famous and not so famous operas, ballets and operettas.

He has conducted this repertoire for many different audiences over one thousand times. (Yes, that’s right. Over 1,000 times!)

He has satisfied opera and concertgoers and thrilled critics in 70 European cities.

He is “… a conductor of skill and experience”. (At least that was the opinion of the late Richard Bradshaw at the time when he was Artistic Director of the Canadian Opera Company in Toronto, Canada.)

So, spend some time on this website.

Read the text.

Listen to the music.

Watch the videoclips.


Last but not least, we hope to see you at an opera performance or a classical music concert in the future.

Table of Contents

What’s New!
Read the latest in performance news. Stay up-to-date on all additions and changes to the website. Myron Yusypovych updates this section on a weekly basis.

Famous Opera Singers
Male and female opera singers that become famous are those, that have a unique talent that opera lovers adore. Explore the lives, achievements and voices of some of these unique male and female opera singers. Discover why and how these singers of opera became famous.

A List of 10 Famous Italian Operas Everyone Ought to Know
Discover 10 famous Italian operas and their composers. Where did opera originate? Who wrote the first opera? Who invented opera? Who started opera? What are the benefits of Italian opera?

If You Are a Beginner to Opera, Pagliacci is the Opera to See
Newcomers to the world of opera often wonder what opera they should see first. Find out why the opera Pagliacci by Ruggero Leoncavallo is such a good beginner's choice.

“Va pensiero” from G. Verdi’s Nabucco
Get an English translation of the lyrics to the famous “Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves”. Download an opera poster of the original lyrics. View an opera performance video from the Lviv House of Opera.

Opera and Classical MusicNotes
What is going on in the area of opera and classical music? Is this a dying art? Or, is it a vibrant and developing cultural phenomenon?

What is The Opera?
Discover the 15 features, traits and characteristics of classical opera: music, drama, composers, music scores, librettos, orchestra, soloists, choir, ballet, supernumeraries, surtitles, opera conductor.

Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni
What is the synopsis or plot of one of the most famous operas? View a video of the well-known Intermezzo. See photos of the Lviv Opera performance.

6 Reasons to Attend Open Air Concerts
Why attend open air opera and classical music concerts? Discover 6 good reasons why you, your family and friends should. Get a front row preview performance!

Biography of Musical Conductor Myron Yusypovych
Information about Myron Yusypovych’s career, highlights, repertoire, European and Canadian tours, recordings, awards...

Performance Schedule
Would you like to attend a performance conducted by Myron Yusypovych? Find out where and when he is conducting.

If Young is Under 25, then Young Opera Singers are Actually Old
It's become the newest craze:10 yr old, 12 yr old, 14 yr old opera singers. Is this realistic? What does it take to become a successful opera singer? And, how old (or young) were famous opera singers, when they made their opera debuts?