All About Opera and Classical Music

Welcome to our website dedicated to all about opera music and some of the best classical music available today.

Italian opera, famous classical music, opera songs performed by a famous opera singer… are what we want when we listen to classical music or attend a performance at an opera theatre. Classical opera music is often performed at classical concerts near me. Alternatively, you can enjoy classical music concerts while staying at home and listen to classical music online.

All About Opera and Classical Music
All About Opera and Classical Music

Why This Website Dedicated to All About Opera and Classical Music?

It’s not that people know all about opera, it’s that too many people feel they don’t understand opera and classical music at all.

Even, when some of us get up the nerve to attend an opera performance, we often feel uncomfortable because:

  • the arias sung by the female and male opera singers sound long and boring
  • the non-English words are incomprehensible
  • there is usually very little action on stage.

Actually, it’s not about knowing all about opera and classical music. It’s about knowing something (even a little bit) so, that you can enjoy an opera performance in an opera house or a classical music concert in a concert hall.

And, the beauty of opera and classical music is that:
the more often you hear it – the better it sounds,
the more you know it – the more you enjoy it.

Spontaneity and the unexpected are not the reasons most of us attend opera performances or classical music concerts or, for that matter – any music concert. On the contrary, if we know all about opera and classical music (or, at least if not ‘all’ then a little bit), we will enjoy the opera performance or classical music concert that much more.

Enjoying an Opera Performance at an Opera Theatre
Enjoying an Opera Performance at an Opera Theatre

Why is Attending an Opera Performance or Classical Music Concert Boring?

Would you ever attend a popular music concert of a singer or band you:

  • didn’t know?
  • had never heard mentioned?
  • had never listened to their music?

You might, if your friends were going and they really wanted you to go. During the evening, you would probably enjoy the company of your friends. But, would you enjoy the opera performance if you had no idea who was performing and what they were singing?

In the same way, why do people anticipate they will:

  • enjoy an opera performance or classical music concert, if they have never been to one before?
  • not feel left out when others in the audience know the chorus songs and singers’ arias and hum under their breath?
  • know when to clap and shout as the first notes of a popular classical tune sound?
  • be able to anticipate a musical or performance highlight without knowing the opera or piece of music?

Popular Opera Singers
Popular Opera Singers

Most of us attend concerts presented by popular singers because:

  • we know the singers’ music,
  • we can remember most (if not all) the words of the famous songs,
  • we have discovered interesting facts about the singers’ lives.

Attending an opera performance is no different. If you don’t know the music, have never discovered anything about the composer, librettist or singers, in short – don’t know all about opera – it will NOT be an enjoyable experience.

Attending an opera performance or a classical music concert is like attending any popular music concert. You have to be able to anticipate what and who you will be hearing and seeing. Otherwise, it’s long, drawn-out and boring.

An Enjoyable Classical Music Concert
An Enjoyable Classical Music Concert

The All About Opera and Classical Music Story

This website was started in 2007. Much has changed since that time:

  • our children have grown, we have grandchildren
  • online resources for listening to different types of music have escalated
  • internet access is on everyone’s smartphone, pad and laptop
  • streaming music is common and readily available.

But, what has not changed – is easily accessible information all about opera. So, this website has endured and continues to focus on opera and classical music. And, it continues to feature opera performance and classical music concerts conducted by Myron Yusypovych (hence, the name of the website).

So, spend some time on this website.

  • Read all about opera and classical music!
  • Listen to opera and classical music online!
  • Watch the opera videoclips!

And, most importantly ENJOY – so that, when you attend your next opera performance or classical music concert, you will know all about opera and classical music. And remember – it’s #AllAboutOpera.

All About Opera Music
All About Opera Music


All About Opera and Classical Music Table of Contents

What’s New!
Read all about opera performance news. Stay up-to-date on additions and changes to the website. The Yusypovych team updates this section with #AllAboutOpera facts, opinions, information, biases, events, emotions… through online audio, video, photos, images and, of course, text for you to read. Discover What’s New in All About Opera and Classical Music!

All About Opera – What is Opera?
What is the definition of opera? How are drama and opera combined? Who and what are: composers, music scores, librettos, orchestra, soloists, choir, ballet, supernumeraries, surtitles, opera conductor. Discover All About Opera!

Preparing for an Opera Performance
Preparing for an Opera Performance

All About Attending an Opera Performance?
Where do you buy tickets for an opera perfomance? What about cheap tickets? Where are the best seats at the opera house? Discover All About Attending Opera!

All About Open Air Concert
Why attend open air opera and classical music concerts? Listen and enjoy a front row preview performance of an outdoor concert in Lviv, Ukraine. Alternatively, enjoy an opera concert programme in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Discover All About Open Air Concerts!

All About Famous Opera Houses
What do you know about the Paris Opera House (the one that has the Phantom of the Opera)? What do you know about the Lviv Opera House (the one that is built on a river)? Do you know that there are many intriguing similarities between these 2 opera houses? Discover Famous Opera Houses!

All About Famous Operas
All About Famous Operas

All About Opera – Italian Opera
A list of Italian operas available for viewing, listening and reading. A list of Italian opera composers and all about the operas they composed. Discover All About Italian Opera!

All About Opera Songs
Famous opera songs, art songs, folk songs that have become part of the opera repertoire are too many to list here. However, you have an opportunity to discover 10 famous opera songs with audio and video clips. There are also scary and creepy opera songs that become favourites around Halloween . And, of course, the all time favourite Carmen opera songs. Discover All About Opera Songs!

All About Famous Opera Singers of the Past
Male and female opera singers that become famous are those, that have a unique talent that opera lovers adore. Explore the lives, achievements and voices of some of these unique male and female opera singers:

Discover Why and How These Singers of Opera Became Famous.

All About Famous Singers
All About Famous Singers

All About Opera and Classical Music Composers
Opera and classical music composers become famous when opera companies and professional orchestras include their works in their repertoires. Fame is not necessarily related to quality. Explore opera and classical music composers you might know and some whose names might be unfamiliar:

Discover All About Opera and Classical Music Composers!

All About Giuseppe Verdi and Italian Opera
Which crossword clues are about Verdi? Which famous opera choruses were creatd by Verdi? What sacred choral work by Verdi inspired a revolution? Discover All About Opera Composer Verdi!

All About Italian Opera
All About Italian Opera

All About Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Why was Mozart famous at a young age? Is it true that Mozart was buried in a reusable coffin? Where did Mozart’s youngest son, Franz Xaver Mozart , live for most of his life? Discover All About Mozart!

All About Opera Carmen
Do you love the songs and music from the opera Carmen? What are the details of the Carmen opera story? Discover All About Carmen the Opera!

All About Opera Pagliacci– The Clown Opera
If I am new to the world of opera – What opera should I see first? Pagliacci, of course. And, if you love and know all about opera, you might want to learn: Where did R.Leoncavallo get the idea for Pagliacci? Is Tonio a fool or a villain? What world events were unfolding as the opera Pagliacci premiered? Discover All About the Opera Pagliacci!

All About the Opera Cavalleria Rusticana – Italian Verismo
What is the synopsis or plot of one of the most famous operas? What are some fun and interesting facts about Cavalleria Rusticana. What is Italian verismo ? What is Cav and Pav? Discover All About Cavalleria Rusticana Through Opera Photos and Videos!

All About Opera Composer Giuseppe Verdi
All About Opera Composer Giuseppe Verdi

All About Opera Nabucco and the Hebrew Slave’s Chorus
Would you like to have an English translation of the lyrics to ‘Va, pensiero’ – the famous “Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves”. Do you know the history behind the original lyrics? What inspired Giuseppe Verdi to compose the opera Nabucco? What about viewing an opera performance video from the Lviv House of Opera. Listen to the Nabucco overture. Discover All About the Opera Nabucco.

All About The Magic Flute Opera
Did you know that the opera The Magic Flute was first performed outside of Vienna in Lviv, Ukraine? Is The Magic Flute a grand opera, a German opera or a singspiel? Of, is the music, all of the above types of music genres ? Untangle the complicated opera story synopsis . Discover All About The Magic Flute Opera!

All About the Opera Lohengrin.
A short version and more detailed version of the synopsis. Discover All About the Opera Lohegrin!

All About Opera and Classical Music Fun
All About Opera and Classical Music Fun

All About Opera Fun!
The conductor’s baton is the stick used by the conductor to lead the orchestra and singers. Interesting fun facts about opera pumps that are the rage among women and not so much among men. Opera gloves are rarely worn to the opera today, but there are some interesting nuances. Opera fudge, Aida candies, Mozart balls, Bellini cocktails … are all yummies to enjoy. Discover All About Opera Fun!

All About the Ukrainian Angels – The Heavenly Hundred!
Opera and classical music entertain. But, because music engages us, it can also serve to stimulate remembrance. Lest we forget! The Heavenly Hundred are remembered. Discover All About The Heavenly Hundred!