6 Reasons to Attend Open Air Concerts

A live concert in an open air theatre or an outdoor theatre provides us with the opportunity to sit under the stars to enjoy a classical concert. Outdoor concerts are fun, popular and extremely trendy.

Classical music concerts that take place in the open air are a fun activity for the entire family. Open air concerts usually take place during the summer months. Concerts in July and concerts in August may include classical music or even an opera singer who will perform something from the best opera songs’ repertoire.

As we listen to classical music, we relax on the grass or in a chair. The opera songs, opera music and famous classical music give us a reason to keep coming back for more.


Discover Why Open Air Concerts Are a Great Tradition!

Why attend an open air concert that features classical and opera music? Here are six good reasons to be a part of summer concerts or any live concert in the open air:

Open Air Concert in Krynica-Zdroj, Poland
Open Air Concert in Krynica-Zdroj, Poland


1. Open Air Concerts Provide Freedom

An open air concerts provides the freedom that a concert in a symphony hall or opera house doesn’t.

During outdoor concerts we are free to:

Open Air Concerts in Lviv, Ukraine
Open Air Concerts in Lviv, Ukraine


2. Outdoor Live Music Concerts Are Trendy

Outdoor live music concerts featuring opera and classical music have become popular all around the world: Australia, USA, Canada, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Italy.

Trendy tends to be something that is popular for a short period. After the season is over, it passes on or gives way to something else. This something else becomes the new trend. But, summer outdoor music concerts see to be the exception. The minute the weather moves away from snow and sleet, open air concerts become trendy. Certainly this is true in Canada and many European countries.

Keep in mind that when you attend an outdoor event, you become part of a growing international trend.

Outdoor Live Music Concerts in Lviv, Ukraine
Outdoor Live Music Concerts in Lviv, Ukraine


3. Summer Concerts Are An Opportunity to Relax Outdoors

At some outdoor events, the organizers provide benches or chairs for seating. But, at many summer concerts, the audience

  • sits on the grass
  • stands in the square
  • lounges on a folding deckchair
  • rests on a blanket.

Much more relaxing than sitting in a concert-hall or opera house! Don’t you agree?

Summer Concerts in Kufstein, Austria
Summer Concerts in Kufstein, Austria


4. Open Air Music Concerts are a Family Event

Open-air music concerts are an event for the entire family. If the kids have had enough, we can always get up and leave without disrupting too many people.

On the other hand, your children might actually enjoy the classical music. Many families have discovered that an outdoor concert was the beginning of a new family tradition.

Open Air Music Concerts – Ready to Go!
Open Air Music Concerts – Ready to Go!


5. You Might Get Hooked on Classical Music at a Free Outdoor Concert

Free outdoor concerts are often used to popularize opera and classical music. Who knows, you might hear:

  • musical selections that you have heard before
  • melodies from a favourite film
  • tunes that are on your cell phone
  • pieces that you like and want to hear again
  • famous opera singers.

And then, you just might decide to show up at the next event in a symphony hall or opera house. At least, we hope you will!

Summer Concerts in Tzebinia, Poland
Summer Concerts in Tzebinia, Poland (a new window will open)


6. Open Air Concerts Often Feature Fireworks

Outdoor concerts often end with a bang. That is – a fireworks BANG!! Certainly, some fireworks concerts have spectacular displays that are coordinated with the music. Others, simply have a burst of colour that lights up the night sky as the open air concert comes to an end.

The night sky at the music open air event fills with colours. The musicians, orchestra and conductor perform the evening's closing melodies.

The finale of fireworks lets the audience know – The concert is over and like it or not, it's time to go home.

Fireworks at Open Air Concert
Fireworks at Open Air Concert

Text: Oksana A. Wynnyckyj-Yusypovych