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Before the Premiere - “Aida”: The Spirit of Eternity and Free Love

Молода Галичина / Nadiya Trush (Надія Труш) / | June 29, 1995
“I would like to say a few words about the orchestra. It has always been a good orchestra. At the present time, I feel that they are on a creative upswing, as evidenced by a series of recent performances and concerts. Specifically, a great deal of time has been spent on achieving a balance within the groups, softness and clarity. The orchestra shouldn’t sound anemic when playing quietly. Neither should it sound hysterical when playing loudly. It should sing, not scream. And while speaking of an ideal, it would be great if the musicians, having played their part, didn’t simply count pauses, but dwelt within them. I feel, that our orchestra has incredible potential, which will be realised with some work and stimulation.”