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Critiques - Alkhide

Пост-Поступ | May 21, 1992
From the first musical beats, it was apparent that the conductor (M.Yusypovych) has a clear understanding of the need to overcome the static, which is inherent in the opera’s genre, using only musical options and which, in a mostly formal keeping to the musical text and the professional inabilities of the orchestra, could have become a boring group of melodies, an uninteresting museum piece. Happily, Maestro Yusypovych and his, without doubt highly professional, and sometimes even brightly virtuoso orchestra, were able to find and craftily develop a culmination in the musical drama, a difficult undertaking in operas of this type. As such, it was possible to maintain the audience’s attention, even though, we were exposed to long drawn-out arias with a minimal of action.