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A point of view: Conductor Myron Yusypovych Proposes Shock-Therapy for the Arts.

“Moloda Halychyna”, Lviv, Ukraine | February 24, 1998
In our theatre Yusypovych has staged the operas “Eugene Onegin” and “Iolanthe” by Tchaikovsky, “Cavaleria Rusticana” by Mascagni, “Pagliacci” by Leoncavallo and in 1992 the long forgotten opera “Alkhide” by Bortniansky at the theatre-studio “Dolia”. In 1996, he took the Opera Theatre on a tour of Italy, where in Rome, Pompei, Bolognia and San-Remo they presented “Aida”, which had been previously staged by Yusypovych in Lviv.

At the present time, Myron Yusypovych has returned from the Canadian soil where he made his debut in above mentioned Kitchener-Waterloo with a concert of Italian baroque music (Rossini, Vivaldi, Pergolesi). There he returns in a year’s time to conduct another concert in February, 1999.

“I love my profession. It is a great challenge to be able to conduct a completely new orchestra, in new circumstances, with a different work schedule.”

“I was impressed with their work ethic. Right from the first rehearsal, the orchestra played as one, all my corrections were written into their notes.....Also, there were no hysterics, screaming, raised voices. In essence there is a positive approach, when every comment begins with a stroke. For example, several times I wanted something different from the cellist. So I said some positive professional comments, such as: “Here you joined this phrase beautifully!” Of course, he is not naive and is aware that I am the conductor and that I need to use such a diplomatic approach. However, it is more pleasant for both of us and our cooperative work continues.”

“Right now I am in the process of developing a proposal that will address the issue of opera in Ukraine....It is useless to criticize the Oblast Administration, we need to present a concrete alternative. Noone in the world has the kind of disproportionate system between the mega-machine, which we call the Opera Theatre and the results it produces. We have to be honest with ourselves and admit that this cannot continue.”