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Lviv Opera and Ballet Conductor Makes His Debut Across the Ocean

“Vysokyj Zamok”, Lviv, Ukraine | March 24, 1998
-I am aware that your performance received a positive response in the press. For example, Oksana Bryzhun-Sokolyk in the Ukrainian language publication “Novyj Shliakh” from January 17, 1998 stated: “The hall was filled to capacity. Some people were left disappointed...”. But an article written by the Canadian critic J.Narveson was more low key?

-Yes, there [in Canada] the professional critics (as well as the audiences) are not accustomed to singing high praises. When I first read the critic’s article and the evaluation of my conducting, I did not find the expected emotional outpouring. However my concert was analyzed “from top to bottom”, every detail was examined. Of course, this is due to the high level of professional competency and lack of pity on the part of the author. However, when I subsequently read his critique of a German conductor, who conducted two weeks later, I understood that I had received very high praise. Particularly since I feel that the critique of my German collegue was much too cruel. I was present at the concert and felt that his performance was fantastic.