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Lviv Opera Conductor Twice in Canada

“Ukrainian News”, Toronto, Canada | March 10-23, 1999
In 1996, for the firt time in its history, the Lviv Opera toured Italy with Conductor Myron Yusypovych where they performed Verdi’s Aida in such cities as Rome, Pompeii, Bologna, Sanremo.

The final trills of the Cadenza and the transfer to the orchestra were masterfully performed by the violinist and conductor. The audience was enthralled by their magic and elegance. In the subsequent parts, the conductor achieved a good balance among the instruments, particularly the pleasingly sounding strings. In the the second part, the Canzonetta, the violinist had a lyrical tone, which created an exceptional mood. The applause and enthusiastic “?Bravo!” from the audience were well earned both by the violinist and the conductor.