Buying Cheap Opera Tickets is Easy – If You Know How!

Cheap opera tickets to some of the greatest opera houses in Europe: London, Vienna, Paris, Milan, Budapest and Venice – are what everybody seems to desire. But, coupled with cheap theater seats, everyone also wants to be able to see what is going on, on stage and to hear what the famous opera singer is singing.

Sometimes, cheap tickets and a good opera experience are not one and the same. And so, each of us must decide whether the opera house tickets we purchase are simply going to be cheap tickets, or whether we are going to consider other factors as well, so that we can have an amazing, best opera experience.


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Why Are Tickets at the Lviv Opera House So Cheap?

Opera tickets are not cheap. The reason opera tickets are expensive is because putting on a live, full-scale opera performance is an expensive business. Costumes, sets, props, lights, sound effects… don’t come cheap and they all cost money. Add to the cost, the professional salaries of singers, dancers, supernumeraries, musicians, as well as, administrative and support staff – and, putting on a live opera production becomes extremely expensive. This means that cheap opera tickets are not that easy to find.

In some countries around the world, famous opera companies are supported by the state. This support might be either through a system of transfer grants or via direct financing. For example, in Canada, the few opera companies that do exist in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary, are financed through a system of:

  • one third government grants,
  • one third corporate sponsorship, and
  • one-third ticket sales.

In Ukraine, where the Lviv Opera House is located, there is a different formula.

  • all salaries for the performers and support staff are paid by the state, and
  • all production costs (costumes, sets, lights) are paid through tickets sales.

In countries where ticket sales must cover both the expensive outlay of putting on a production and the salaries due the performers, the cost to the opera audience can be quite high. However, because of the significant amount of state funding and the relatively cheap cost of living, attending an opera performance at the Lviv Opera House does not have to be an expensive undertaking. Cheap opera tickets can be easily obtained.

House of Opera Tickets in Lviv
House of Opera Tickets in Lviv


Where Can I Book Cheap Opera Tickets Online?

If you are reading this, then GOOGLE is probably making suggestions on where and how you can book opera tickets online. After all, you are looking for a bargain! Right? Certainly, we encourage you to follow their suggestions.

Unfortunately, even with all the great suggestions on how to book opera tickets online, the problem is that booking opera tickets online without actually paying for them (i.e. buying them) is not readily possible. Most online services have a timer which allows you only so much time to make-up your mind.

Those of us who do a considerable amount of online bookings and purchases, know the joy of putting something in an online basket and then receiving an email reminder several hours later asking us whether we are prepared to make the purchase. What no one tells you is that this is frequently not possible when booking opera tickets online, especially if you are booking directly from the opera house. When it comes to the cheapest opera tickets, you usually need to make a quick decision.

Book Opera House Tickets
Book Opera House Tickets

So, our recommendation:

  • know the dates when you are going to be in the city of your choice;
  • have your credit card (or other form of payment) ready; and,
  • buy your cheapest tickets online for the opera that is available.

Can I Buy Cheap Tickets for the Lviv Opera Online?

The short answer for whether or not you can buy cheap opera tickets for the Lviv Opera online is – YES! However, there is always a “however”. If there weren’t, you probably would not be asking the question of whether or not you could book and buy opera tickets online for the performances at the Lviv Opera in Ukraine!

Before you buy your opera tickets online, view a video online of the Lviv Opera House in Ukraine. Then, you might want to consider some of the following suggestions:

We live in an extremely fast-paced and quickly changing world. Over the past few years, the Lviv Opera has changed its way of selling tickets online several times. The Lviv Opera House has moved from an in-house system, to a contract system, back to an in-house system, and so on, and so on. Understandably, the reason for this has been an attempt to provide more and ready access to tickets sales for its audience.

Currently, when the audience enters the Lviv Opera House, their tickets are scanned by a scanner. But, at the time of this writing (and you can check when the last update to this page was made at the bottom of the page, this was in effect for a very short time. For the audience, the introduction of ticket scanners has meant greater opportunities to purchase a variety of expensive, moderate and cheap opera tickets online.

At this point, GOOGLE, has probably already provided you with a suggestion on where and how you can buy the best opera tickets online. Certainly, you are encouraged to follow their suggestions. Alternatively, you can access the direct ticket sales site and see if you are able to buy the tickets you want (a new window will open).

Cheapest Opera Tickets
Cheapest Opera Tickets


What Will I See and Hear if I Buy the Cheapest Opera Tickets?

Buying cheap opera tickets, or even the cheapest opera tickets has its challenges. Ultimately, it really depends on: why do you want to go to the opera house theatre in the first place? What is your secret agenda for getting the cheapest opera tickets?

Are you planning to attend an opera performance because you are doing a tour of the capitals of Europe and visiting an opera house is something you have put on your tour bucket list? In that case, a cheap opera ticket that will get you into the opera house, take a photo and let your friends back home know that you’ve “been there, done that”.

Opera Tickets – Opera House Seats
Opera Tickets – Opera House Seats

Have you discovered that the cheapest opera tickets are less expensive than an entry tourist ticket or a guided tour of the opera house facilities? Ironically, sometimes the cheapest opera tickets to a live opera music performance cost less than what you need to pay at the entrance to simply look around the opera house and the view the architecture and art. Certainly, that is often true of the Lviv Opera House.

But, if your goal is to sit in an opera house, do some people watching (not smart-phone watching), maybe have a glass of wine and take a selfie on the ground floor – well then, certainly, the cheapest opera tickets are for you.

Audience with Opera House Tickets
Audience with Opera House Tickets


Will I Be Able to Buy Tickets for the Lviv Opera Before the Performance?

If you want to buy tickets for an opera performance in Lviv when you are already in the city, it is easy and straightforward.

There are 2 places in Lviv where it is possible to buy tickets for an opera (or ballet) performance before the performance.

The first, most obvious and popular place to buy tickets is the ticket office just inside the main doors of the Lviv House of Opera and Ballet. It is usually open during what most people call “regular business hours”. Unfortunately, once a performance starts, the ticket office usually closes down. So, if you want to buy tickets for the following day, you will need to arrive at the ticket office before 6:00pm (which is when most performances at the Lviv Opera House begin).

There is another ticket office next to the opera theatre. You can buy tickets (both expensive and cheap opera tickets at this location) every day.

Where to Buy Tickets for Lviv Opera House?
Where to Buy Tickets for Lviv Opera House?

There is only one small problem – the people who sell the opera tickets don’t always speak English. This means that you might need to arm yourself with a local individual who knows the language and is willing to assist you.

Do you need to factor that in when calculating how cheap the opera tickets will be? Only you will know that!

Text: Oksana A. Wynnyckyj-Yusypovych


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